Bing Search APK – More than just Search

Bing Search apk

Microsoft has updated its Bing Search app for Android and iOS with a whole set of new features. Now, it is not just for web search, but lets you much more beyond it. Using the Bing Search not only you can now search the Web or installed Applications, but simply tap ‘Near Me’ and get the list of restaurants, attractions, gas stations, groceries, etc around you instantly.

Another very important feature you get with Bing Search is ‘Scan-Compare-Buy’. You just need to open the built-in barcode scanner, scan any product’s code. It will display you important reviews for that particular product as well as let you compare prices from major retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, etc. Bing Search now also lets you search and Stream movies right away. You can also read reviews or book tickets for new releases instantly from the app itself. There is lots more to do.

Bing Search is available for both Android and iOS devices but not in all countries as of now. So, what you can do is, download its APK file from here and install it manually, right away on your devices. If you wish to download the app from PlayStore or App store directly, download links are provided below too.

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