Candleman Save Game Download

Candleman Save Game Download

Candleman is a single player game mode for PC set up. It is nothing but an action genre game which is developed by Spotlightor Interactive. Moreover we can say that the game Candle man is a complete journey comes in a special puzzle platform where light is a welcome factor. The gameplay is one type of activity between light and shadow. The game says that players can easily accept this game because by using 10 seconds of light, we can find the path which is all time full of belief.

It’s a real time story of the candle man. Players need to take the role of a small candle in such a way that even if candle which can burn for only 10 seconds and make a challenge for the darkness level. Here Players can implement the cleverness to overcome obstacles. The game is designed with a strong mechanism of light and shadow action. Players can enjoy this game with delight environment.

This game is available in multi languages with a minimum requirement of Windows OS having core i3 processor and 4GB RAM to play. Players can see Classic locations and can listen to high quality of acting voice from the characters. It is made with a full view animation along with high quality of resolution. Lighting of this game is superb to play. Single player will definitely feel happy and comfort while playing. Animations of all the characters are well designed and programmed so that gamers will make a habit to play this game again and again.

You can download the 100% completed Save Game file for your Candleman game from this page in just a single click. It is a genuine file. Still always remember to backup your original save files before replacing it with any downloaded files from internet to be on safer side. In case anything goes wrong, you can restore your original game anytime.

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