Download Angry Birds Go racing game apk


Here’s a exciting news for the angry Bird game lovers. Rovio has launched the angry Birds Go racing game now.   So it’s good news for those who love the fast racing game as well. the angry Birds Go racing game is a 3D game featuring a Kart racing with all your favourite angry birds character like chuck, Red, Stella, King Pig etc. the game consists of options like power ups, weapons, select your bird or Big etc. the game is a fun and so colourful that one would enjoy playing it. It has 5 different modes like race mode, Time Boom mode, fruit spalt, mega match and a champion chase mode.  Each mode has its own surprises and difficulty level. The game features around 50 karts, speed ways, stunt roads, air course and a lot more.

The best part of this game is that you can now include more characters by clicking pic through your device’s camera and making it RovioTelepod Toy. The game has been released for iOS, windows phone 8 platform, android and Blackberry 10 platform.

Angry Birds Go apkDownload Angry Birds Go apk