Download Call of Duty: Strike Team for Android


Here is the good news for all Call of Duty fans and gamers. Activision has now made “Call of Duty: Strike Team” available for Mobile Platform as well. Although it was launched on iOS last month, finally the game is now available for Android smartphones and tablets as well. I dont think Call of Duty requires any introduction. Android users can now experience the same first-person and third-person action on their Android devices with COD Strike Team. The game features a Campaign Mode as well as a Survival Mode with amazing gameplay allowing you to switch from run-and-gun first-person view to reconnaissance and coordinated squad attacks in third-person view. Strike team also offers an interesting story where the US is under war attack with unknown enemy and you as the player have to lead your team and join the  Special Operations Team to save the country. You have access to different weapons and Armour. Overall the game is very good and worth for Rs. 480/- If you want you can download the game by clicking the download here.

Call of Duty Strike Team-androidDownload Call of Duty: Strike Team for Android