Download Google Search v3.5.14 APK

Google recently released an update for their Google Search app on Android. It is now updated to version v3.5.14 which is still not available in many countries. As they started rolling out this update 2 days ago, it is still to reach several reasons. What makes this update so important, is its capability to detect the Hotword “OK Google”. Remember, Moto X can listen us even if it is kept on table, without touching? The new v3.5.14 update brings very much similar feature to the Search app.

On our Android smartphones we need to first tap the mic icon and then speak. Or simply say ‘OK Google’ if Google Now is already opened. Dont get confused between Google Search App and Google Now, both are same. So, now with this update, you no more need to tap the Mic or launch Google Now to search with Voice. Simply say ‘OK Google’ from anywhere on the screen, including the lock screen as well, and speak to search your query.

You just need to download the APK from here and make a small setting for the same. Once you updated the app, scroll down at bottom and tap Settings icon > tap Voice > tap Ok Google Hotword Detection. Now check mark the boxes as shown below in the picture. That’s it. Now no matter you are in any application or browsing web in any browser, whenever you need to search, just say “Ok Google” and the search will open. Similarly, if the phone is locked, come to lock screen and speak to directly launch Google Search.

Google Search 3.5.14 apk downloadDownload Google Search v3.5.14