Download Office Mobile Office 365 for Android

Microsoft office for office 365 is finally going to available for the android users. Microsoft has launched the office app which was earlier ( injune ) released for iphone and now for android phones. The office app would enable the users to edit word, excel and powerpoint documents in your phone itself. You would be able to apply graphics, animations and other things just like you do in your pc.

The app needs you to be connected to internet so that all changes you make offline are saved in the cloud. You can access your document that are on SkyDrive, SkyDrive pro or SharePoint. The documents that you receive in your emails can also be viewed and edited. If you were reading some office document and exit it. The next time you open it from SkyDrive or drive pro it resumes at the point you had left while reading. There are even speaker notes available that is basically a trainer or where you can practice your presentation. Faster browsing through your PowerPoint slide is now possible with the slide navigator.

The app enables you to edit the office documents that you have used recently. This doesn’t require you to be online. You can edit it offline too. The changes get saved the next time you go online. You can make comments to your documents and review them. The Microsoft office app for android is free and you can download it from google play store. Subscription to office 365 is mandatory  to use this app.

Office Mobile for Office 365Download Office Mobile for Office 365