Download WhatsApp APK with ‘Message Quoting’ Feature

WhatsApp Quoting Messages

WhatsApp keeps updating new features to the ‘WhatsApp Beta‘ version every day. Earlier we saw Bold Italic feature, then we saw up to 256 Group limit, then we even saw some beta users getting Video call features to their Whastapp messenger. Today they have rolled out yet another much needed feature to the Beta users, ‘Message Quoting’.

Yes. You can now quote messages in WhatsApp before replying, like we do in Skype. This makes conversation pretty good and let the user on other side to understand for which exactly message you replying. This feature is now available with WhatsApp version 2.16.118 which is only available in Beta phase. You will not get it on the official website, nor on Google Play (unless you’ve subscribed to Beta).

So, if you like Quoting messages, you can download this version of WhatsApp Beta from the link provided below and install it manually right now. Downloading the apps from this website takes just one click. Get it now and make your WhatsApp chatting more interesting, before the world does.

WhatsApp Quoting MessagesDownload WhatsApp v2.16.118 APK