Expendable Rearmed for Android

The Expendable Rearmed is another combative game involving planet, moons and Aliens. The Game needs you to attack the G’NENG and kill them to survive. Its either you or the Aliens in the game. that means either you attack them or they attack you and end the game. the game includes a good number of weapons, a gamepad suppor and global scores to compete with. To make your gaming experience a wonderful one the game has nice graphics and sounds.

You can enjoy this cool game on both your phone as well as the tablet. It has very good quality explosive which could be use to blow up everything on your way. The destruction effects are so good that it gives you a satisfied feeling of having banged up something. The game is easily available for download on the official site. The game comes with effects especially for TEGRA hardware. You can play it using WIKIPAD, XBOX, PS3, MOGA, NYKO and Xperia handset including the Xperia PLAY Optimized.

expendable-rearmedDownload Expendable Rearmed for Android