Facebook Moments App APK Download

Facebook Moments App APk

Facebook Moments App is the easiest application to organize all your images. It lets you easily find the perfect picture you were searching for, no matter by place, face, friends or of yourself. Just like Google Photos. It sorts your pictures by people in them or the places they were taken. Using Facebook Moments you can now send and receive pictures with friends hassle free.

In fact, you can send your photos to them of a picnic, and your friend can add some pictures from the same picnic which you dont have. This makes the complete gallery of the same picnic. Using the Moments app, you can easily share the slideshow of this moment on Facebook with your group. There’s much more you can do with the app.

Now since Facebook is making the Moments App compulsory for everyone (by discontinuing photo syncing), you will have to download this app to share pictures with your friends and family. So, go ahead and download it from PlayStore or App Store for your smartphones or simply get the latest version of APK from this page.

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