FIR App – Safety and Instant Help App from Police


With the growing crimes in India, specially against Women, Mumbai Police has launched a new mobile application called ‘FIR’. As we know FIR means ‘First Information Report’, but here it means”First Immediate Response”. Using this App anybody can inform Police about the ongoing crime by just tapping a button. That’s correct. By just tapping a button. The app will automatically send your Geo-Location to the police control room intimating them about the crime scene. The Police will be there in just few minutes.

FIR App is must have apps for everyone now a days. Atleast each girl and woman must have it on their smartphones. It is more important than the social apps. You can get it for Free from PlayStore or directly download the APK file from this page. It takes just a single click.

FIR AppDownload APK | Download from PlayStore