Hound Voice Search & Assistant Apk Download

Hound Voice Search Assistant Apk

Do you frequent use digital assistants like Google Now, Siri or Cortana on your smartphones? If yes, here is something really smart. It is Hounds Voice Search & Assistant for Android and iOS smartphones as well as tablets. This is not just faster but also understands your natural language and phrases. For example, you can speak up  “Show Restaurants within 10 miles except for Chinese” or “What is the square root of 16 minus the square root of 9?” We just dont need to learn special keyword phrases like we do with other Assistant apps.

Hound is a complete hands-free assistant for you and understands multiple phrases too. You can ask it anything in detail or specific in request. Just say “Ok Hound” and ask it whatever you want. It furthermore learns from your usage to get even more smarter and helpful for you. Whether it is asking for navigation routes, or finding restaurants nearby or even if you want to book Uber, Hound can do anything for you to make your life comfortable even in busy schedules.

You can download the app from PlayStore or AppStore depending your Android or iOS device by clicking the links below. But note that the app doesn’t seems compatible with every phone since its requirement says “Varies with device”. So, if you are not able to get it from Store, simply download the Hound Voice Search & Assistant APK file from here and download it manually on your Android phones. It takes just one click to get the file across this website.

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