Iron Fist Boxing for Android

Iron Fist Boxing is fighting game designed for android handset with a lot of cool features. The game is, as the name suggests, is a fighter game in which you have to fight your way out, destroy the opponents and win the game. The game has a good quality audio and real 3D graphics. The music and sound effects of the game is cool and has real 3D graphics giving a reality touch to give the players is a live experience. There are 6 different game modes in the iron fist boxing to practice and enhance your skills. Eachmode has its own difficulty and you need to use different tactics to finish your opponents. There is some training and some story modes to keep you entertained. The game has upto 32 characters to choose from. Each character has his own strength, skills, action, looks etc. the game is launched for the android with a completely new revamped input system.

iron-fist-boxingDownload Iron Fist Boxing for Android