Justice League:EFD for Android

Justice League:EFD is an action game in 3D giving a live touch to the game to make the players immersed in the game. The game needs the player to save your planet from joker, gorilla grodd and sinister who would destroy you and your planet. It’s not very easy to fight them; you need to show your skills. The game has 5 heroes that you can choose from. The graphic is based on unity engine that displays good colors and details. You can also choose from about 50 different uniforms available that gives a personalized touch to the game. Upgrade your character by fighting through the level. The game has 6 active and 6 passive skills giving you features to make powerful attacks. Each hero has his own power like the superman’s heat vision, batman’s special gadgets, wonder women’s golden lasso of truth etc. the reviews of the existing players sounds good and there are a number of sites offering sample video of the game to check out before purchasing or downloading.

Justice League EFDDownload Justice League:EFD for Android