Plants vs Zombies Heroes Apk Download

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Apk

Plants vs Zombies is one of most popular Game around the Globe for PCs as well as Smartphones and Tablets. After huge success of PvZ 2 and PvZ Garden Warfare 2, PopCap Games has released the all new episode called “Plants vs. Zombies Heroes” for Android, iPhone and iPad today. It is not just different from earlier PvZ games but also brings in several new Characters including Super Brainz, Z-Mech, Citron, and Rose.

With Plants vs Zombies Heroes you need to keep collecting Heroes with outrageous and incredible super powers and create your own ultimate battle team to fight with your friends in Multiplayer. Yes, it is a Multiplayer game allowing you to battle with other players. That’s not all. For the first time, you can now play as the Plants or as Zombies. Bring all new Fun, isn’t it?

Plants vs Zombies Heroes is now available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, but only in Few countries as of now. However, you can [highlight]download its APK from this page[/highlight] and play it right away, no matter in which country you are. It takes just one click to download files across this website.

Some of the interesting features of Plants vs Zombies Heroes are as follows:

  • Collect Your Heroes: You can select from among 20 Super plants or Zombie Heroes to create your team. Each character has their own super unique power. So be smart with your selection.
  • Form Your Team: With this new episode, there are over 100s of new plants and zombies including our beloved ones from older episodes. You can build your team as per your experience to make a devastating team.
  • Go On Courageous Adventures: Plants vs Zombies Heroes brings you an ever-blooming map. You will enjoy every challenge since each of them are action-packed skirmish.
  • Play Against Friends And Foes: Unlike earlier games, now you can play Multiplayer too. Test your team’s strength against your friends or any other players in real-time matches.

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