Skype Qik APK video messaging app from Microsoft

A new video messaging app has been made by Microsoft and the company has named it Skype Qik. This app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This app has a target audience who do short video messages and the app is also aimed at providing the proper video messaging experience.

Using the app for first time, you just have to add the mobile number and for making a video message, you just have to press the neon pink button and you can press it again to stop the recording. You can make 42 seconds of short video message from this app. You can make short video message with the back as well as the front camera and switching between the both camera is also possible but you cannot review the message before sending it to the other person.

Users are also open to record some messages and keep it with them for sending those messages in future and this is known as Qik Flicks. The video message that you make will only be available in the Qik app and not in the camera roll. These videos will be stored on the app by the services just for two weeks and after that the messages will be deleted automatically. This app also comes in 21 languages for different countries.

Microsoft Skype Qik APKDownload for Android | Download for iOS | Download for Windows Phone