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Driver Booster

The presence of outdated drivers can cause compatibility problems between different components of your system, so it is advisable to update them regularly. However, Windows does not provide tools to monitor the status of your system’s drivers in a snap. In order to remedy this problem, Driver Booster can scan your system for older drivers in order to update them.

Driver Booster is a software that allows it to automatically search the hardware drivers of a computer. In addition to the detection it can proceed to the installation of the driver directly in the place of the user.

In the new version, Driver Booster expands the database and supports more than 200,000 drivers. About video game component, it includes VC Runtime 2008, VC Runtime 2010, VC Runtime 2012. Driver Booster can easily identify missing and defective drivers to recover device problems. The Download Automatically features and downloads the drivers during idle time to dramatically reduce the update time. In addition, it can totally support Windows 10.

It has tools to solve common problems such as crash system, blue screen of death, connection error on the peripherals, audio crackling, absence of sound, absence of network etc. With advanced compression technology, break-point resume technology and automatic retry mechanism, Driver Booster offers the ability to download drivers much faster.

This version is offered free of charge, but a paid version also offers other enhancements like driver optimization and hardware settings to improve computer performance.

Download Driver Booster from here.