Download Canva4HD Custom Rom


Canvas4 HD is an amazing piece of hardware offering you great features and high end device performance. Now from here you can get the phone rom that you can use on Micromax A116HD. The rom has all features that are provided in Canvas 4 HD. Features like blow, shake to unlock are working well. You can use smart pause and added camera features which will make your device smarter and better. So if you are willing to use the new rom then you can go ahead with the download procedure. It is not a complicated process of installing. This rom is tested and it works well on Micromax A116 HD. I am not really sure about any other model; still you can try to install it on your own risk. Do not forget to take the backup.


  • Blow/Shake to unlock.
  • Amazing Camera Features
  • Swipe Video Control
  • Proximity Sensor Answer Call
  • Auto Dial when brought near ear
  • Put the phone on silent by flipping it upside down.

Canva4HD custom romDownload Canva4HD Rom

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