Download Kitkat 4.4 Update for Xolo Q1010

As promised earlier by Xolo, they have already started rolling out Android 4.4 Kitkat update for their latest Xolo Q series smartphone. Just couple of days ago they released Kitkat Update for Q1010i and now here is official Android 4.4 Kitkat for Xolo Q1010 as well. As we already know Xolo phones dont support OTA or update through PC Suite, you need to download the firmware manually and then install it on your phone using the built-in Xolo App. the process is very simple and done in few minutes.

You just need to download Kitkat Firmware Package from this page and save it on Desktop. Connect your phone to computer using USB cable, copy the package on your phone. Now disconnect the cable and launch Xolo App on your phone. Tap on Software Update > Check for Update. App will scan the device for update package. Once found tap to install and keep the phone idle for few minutes. It will install Kitkat update itself and reboot the phone. Once back after reboot, you can check the About Phone section of the device, it should be showing Kitkat details. That’s it. If you need anymore help comment below or simply check our forums for detailed guide for installing updates in Xolo mobiles.

Xolo Q1010 Kitkat 4.4 Update downloadDownload Android 4.4 Kitkat Update