Download OxygenOS Android 5.0 Firmware for OnePlus One

After being in news for so long, finally OnePlus’s own operating system “OxygenOS” is now released. This is Android 5.0 lollipop based operating system for OnePlus One smartphone users. According to the company this is the lightest operating system you can have, without any bloatware. The OS is build with many new features and loads of customization options. Talking about features, OxygenOS brings you several Gesture support from the turned off screen as well. For example, you can launch camera by making O on the black screen, take control of your music, double tap to wake up (like LG G series) and more.

So, OnePlus One users, what are you waiting for. Go ahead and download OxygenOS right away and have a taste of all new Lollipop. Remember, you will have to Flash it manually on your phone. For step by step instructions, check this Guide: How to Flash OxygenOS on OnePlus One.

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