Download Xperia Rom v3 Custom ROM for Lava Iris 504Q

Since the release of Lava Iris 504Q users are still using the same default operating system and UI which came preloaded with the device. Although it is the best selling smartphone from Lava so far, they haven’t rolled any official firmware for this model. hence, earlier we posted an Android4.2.1 based custom rom named IrisCanvas4 for 504Q which is a light weight ROM that brings many Canvas 4 features to your phone. Here is yet another Custom ROM for Xperia lovers. We have seen Xperia Z series from Sony that brings amazing UI. So if you want to get the same on your own Lava Iris 504Q smartphone, then here it is, “Xperia Rom V3” Custom ROM running on Android 4.2.2. You can install this ROM on your 504Q in less than 20 minutes and enjoy the brand new Users Interface until lava releases any official FOTA.

With this Xperia Rom for Lava, you get most of the features of Xperia smartphones such as Xperia Launcher, Xperia themes, Walkman, Xperia Small Apps, Xperia Lockscreen, Xperia Keyboard, and many more. After installing the ROM, apart from ready the Lava logo, nobody can say that you are not using an Xperia phone. It changes the UI completely like xperia phone. If dont know how to install, check out our installation guide on the forums. If you have any problem with this Custom ROM, feel free to lave the comment below.

Xperia Rom V3 for Iris 504QDownload Xperia Rom v3 Custom ROM