Samsung Galaxy S4 Official Android 4.4.2 Kitkat leaked Firmware

After Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE is in the line up for the Android4.4.2 Kitkat OTA update. But as of now there is no confirmation from the manufacturer about its release date, neither there is any sign of release in coming weeks or months. But, it is sure that they are working on it because the Kitkat firmware which is named as I9505XXUFNA5 has already leaked on web. We tried to install this leaked firmware on one of us Galaxy S4 GT19505 and is working really great. Hence thought to share here so that if anyone of you Galaxy S4 also wants to experience the new and latest Kitkat OS, you can do it right now.

Also remember that this is an Official update, no matter it is leaked, hence you dont have anything to worry because there is no disadvantage of installing it. Once the final Firmware gets released, you can update it normally through OTA, like you do every time. This is the safest way of testing Kitkat on your S4 19505. If you want to install it, check this Guide showing you step by step process for the same. Now as you might have noticed, i’m mentioning “GT-19505” every time in this post, it is because this firmware and the step provided in that guide is only for the LTE variant of Galaxy S4 whose model number is GT-19505. Hence dont try to install this firmware on any other package. Now go ahead, download the firmware and follow the guide to get Kitkat 4.4.2 right away. If you face any problem with the firmware or need more help with installation process, we will be happy to reply your comments.

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505Download 4.4.2 Kitkat leaked Firmware