Archos 101 Oxygen PC Suite and USB Driver

Archos 101 Oxygen is the new tablet from Archos which is just announced with two new smartphones Archos 50b Platinum and 45c Platinum. 101 Oxygen by name suggests a 10.1 inch capacitive display. This new tablet will have a new Quad-core Arm Cortex A17 processor which is going to be a strong performance processor.

Archos 101 Oxygen comes with 1.5GB of RAM for faster app switching and heavy multitasking. It also features a 16GB onboard storage for installing apps, games, saving your pictures, videos etc. You can also expand the storage with a microSD card. As of now this tablet is not lunched but it will launch soon. You can download the PC Suites and USB drivers from the link given below.

PC Suites are important tools for managing your data. It lets you manage your contacts, messages, notes, reminders, mails, bookmarks and get it saved on your PC so that you can restore the data in future when you ill need it. You can sync your contacts, mails on the MS outlook or otherwise you can sync it with the cloud service. You can update your firmware of the tablet with PC Suite to the latest one available.

USB Drivers are also important as it lets you transfer or share the data from your smartphone to the computer or vice versa. Once you install the USB Drivers you will never have any connection issues in future. This drivers lets you share the internet over the USB cable from your smartphone. Internet tethering makes it easier to use the internet anywhere especially when you don’t have any internet connection available.

Archos 101 Oxygen PhotoDownload Archos 101 Oxygen PC Suite |Download Archos 101 Oxygen USB Driver from below [wpdm_file id=188 template=”bluebox ” ]