Download Xiaomi Official PC Suite and USB Drivers

Xiaomi PC Suite Official

If you are a smartphone user, you need to have the correct drivers installed on your computer if you would like to share the data from your smartphone. These drivers and tools help you to manage your data on your phone easily. PC Suite is basically a data management tool that enhances your user experience for your smartphone. PC suite takes back up of your data and gets it saved on your computer so that even if you lose your data by any chance, you would have the back up for your data stored on your computer. Contacts, messages, notes, reminders, calendar entries, bookmarks, settings, media files, apps can all be saved as back up with this tool.

It not only secures your data but also sync your data from your computer to your smartphone or vice versa. All the media files can be synced easily with the PC Suite to your phone. You can also sync your contacts and mails to the MS Outlook account or else you can sync it with the Cloud Service. PC Suite also updates your smartphones OS to the latest version, as it checks for the update regularly whenever you connect your smartphone to the computer for sync or other use.

USB drivers on the other hand play an important role. Without USB Drivers you might not able to sync your smartphone to your computer or share or transfer data to or from your computer. USB Drivers are basically a driver that connects your phone to the computer with several commands and by enabling certain permissions which are required to transfer the data. When we say that in simple language, USB Drivers actually helps you to share the data and if it is not installed on your computer, you might not be able to get your smartphone connected to your computer.

You can root your phone and even install the custom ROM’s if you have the USB drivers properly installed on your computer. The very first step when you buy a new smartphone is to install the USB drivers. You can get the USB Drivers and PC Suite from the link given below. The Software size is about 52MB. You can download the file from below having the direct download link of PC Suite.

Xiaomi PC Suite OfficialDownload Official English PC Suite