Gionee GN715 PC Suite and USB Driver

PC Suite is the important tool to handle all the data that you carry on your phone. The data that you have on your smartphone can be synced with the PC Suite and also you can share the data from your computer to your smartphone. PC Suite also takes complete back up of your data from your phone and save it on your computer so that you can restore the data that you want to be restored on your phone in future. PC Suite also syncs the contacts and emails with the MS outlook account and also it can sync the contacts and emails with the cloud service.

USB Drivers is the driver for your computer, that has a main job of connecting your phone to the computer with some internal commands and this leads you to share the data easily when you connect your phone over the USB Cable to the computer. USB Drivers are must have drivers for your phone and once installed on your phone, it will never give you any kind of connection issues. USB Drivers also enables an option of tethering you internet connection from your phone to the computer over the USB cable and this feature would come quite handy especially when you are travelling and you don’t have any internet connection available.

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