HTC Sense 6 Lock Screen app APK

HTC Sense 6 looks amazing with its user interface and so is the lockscreen. HTC has launched the Lock Screen Sense 6 app which is now available on the Google Play Store. This app have brought new lock screen features which looks great and the people HTC smartphones who wants to enjoy the HTC Sense 6 lockscreen can download the App.

When you swipe right, you get to the Blinkfeed directly and when you swipe left you get the access to directly the Widget Home or the app which you were using last. The lock screen app also displays you the Notifications, Clock and also the Weather information.

Again it should be noted that the app will only work with the HTC smartphones and not with the non-HTC users. So it should be a phone which is running sense user interface to get access to this app. HTC have been launching their customized apps to the Play Store now where they launched the Blinkfeed and the Service app in July and also the Sense Keyboard in July. So, simply download the HTC Lock Screen Sense 6 app from here.

HTC Sense 6 Lock Screen appDownload Lock Screen App