iBall Imprint 4G USB Driver and PC Suite

iBall Imprint 4G

Now a day’s people need more comfort. For the fulfillment of customer satisfaction, updated technology plays a major role. In today’s world people will get more comfort and secure only when they get their perfect product in proper time. For the fulfillment of customer requirement, iBall has launched a unique tablet called as “iBall Imprint 4G tablet” in India. As the name suggest this portable device has many more advance features.

This 4G tablet consists of a unique integrated high quality sensor. It has a very good smooth surface followed by finger print sensor so that everyone can easily acquaint with the device. The most highlight feature of this tablet is that it is STQC certified for biometric applications i.e. Aadhaar verification purpose. So in simple words we can say that by using iBall Imprint 4G tablet we can verify personal identification easily. This iBall 4G tablet has 7 inch HD display so that people will feel comfort to use. A very high quality processor (Quad-core 1.3 GHz) is used in this product which will definitely increase the stability of the brand IBall. Generally when people search for tablet, the main focus is on storage capacity so this new product of iBall has 16 GB internal storage capacity, expandable up to 32 GB followed by 2 GB RAM.

iBall Imprint 4G tablet has focused more with the operating system , it runs on Android 7.0 Nougat which is very easy to operate anytime anywhere. This tablet consists of a very clarity camera with 5 MP front and rear camera followed by LED flash. It is a dual SIM tablet so that users will not face any difficulty for communication. As name suggests this iBall tablet has a very wide range of frequency band so that it can easily connect with the Wi-Fi. It has a dual band 4G VOLTE range which will enhance the connectivity. iBall Imprint 4G tablet also has DC Charging port as well as LAN Port. Bluetooth 4.0 of this device will tell how flexible it is for data transfer.

One more advance features of this 4G tablet is multi-language keyboard up to 22 regional languages so that it will become more users friendly. In today’s market iBall Imprint 4G tablet is available in black color with 5000mAh battery. So viewers, by discussing all the features of this iBall 4G tablet, we can clearly say that this is the best product not only for residential users but also for commercial as well as corporate users. So no doubt at all we can order today “iBall Imprint 4G tablet” at Rs.18,999 only.

You can download the latest USB Driver and PC Suite software for your new iBall Imprint 4G from here for free and that too in just a single click. These are both free but very essential tools for your device that not only keeps the optimized but also increases the productivity extremely. PC suite is PC based application gives better security to each information and data stored on the phone by letting backup or sync them with several secured devices including your pc itself along with major cloud based services including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. All these data cab also be synced safely with programs like Office Outlook.

Furthermore, pc suite also lets you backup the phone with all installed applications, their cache files, folders, settings, etc safely on computer. If something goes wrong with your tablet, you can easily restore it back to the best working state, without loosing even a single file. It also syncs all your personal stuffs like pictures, videos and music files between phone and pc so that you never loose any of your stuffs again, ever. You can even get your PC online by sharing mobile data on USB with just a single click.

On the other hand, USB Driver is must since it is the first thing you require to connect your iBall phone to PC. No computer will detect you device unless they find proper drivers installed. It is also necessary when it comes to Rooting or installing Custom ROM. So, get them both right now.

iBall Imprint 4G PhotoDownload iBall PC Suite & Driver from below: [wpdm_file id=27 template=”bluebox ” ]