Pixavi Impact X PC Suite and USB Driver

Pixavi impact X is the most rugged smartphone which is made for maximum protection from extreme and harsh conditions, water, dust and even it can bear an explosion from an explosive. This smartphone is design by a Norwegian Company, Pixavi. It comes with Android 4.2 Jellybean OS preinstalled. The phone has a maximum screen size of 4.3 inch which sits perfectly on your hands. There are two cameras on the back, both 8.0 MP and both can record Full HD videos at 30 fps.

The phone is IP68 certified which means this phone could bear the deep water and heavy dust circumstances. The body of the phone is a single rugged aluminum for strong impacts. On the front of the phone on top of the display there’s a 2mm thick Corning’s Gorilla Glass which usually is not that thick which are installed for other phones. This phone has also received the ICECx and ATEX Zone 1 rating for getting certified. There is still no news on the memory and processor but could be available soon.

PC Suite and USB Drivers can be downloaded from the link given below. PC Suites are the important tool for managing your smartphones data. Your contacts, notes, reminders, calendar entries, bookmarks can all be synced with the PC Suite and can be saved as backup for future restoration. Contacts and mails can be synced with the MS Outlook account or otherwise you can also get it sync with Cloud service. You can also update your smartphone with this PC Suite if the latest update is available.

USB Drivers are also important as it gives you the permissions to transfer or share the files from your computer to your phone or vice versa. These drivers once installed will not give you any connection problems in future. USB drivers also enable the internet tethering option on your computer by which you can share your smartphones internet data over the USB Cable. This feature is really great especially when you are travelling.

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