Spice Boss Champion Pro+ M-5010N PC Suite and Drivers

Boss champion pro is a small and handy piece by spice. It’s a low budget phone with features like audio player, video player, digital camera, torch, FM radio. The voice quality is quiet good due to which you can stay tuned on FM radio and audio player throughout the day and stay entertained. You can watch video but it doesn’t support high quality videos. It supports very limited formats. The digital camera comes with T flash card provided with features like night vision and zoom. The phone has a 1000 mAh Battery to support all your activities. The torch is a one touch torch which means that it gets illuminated with a single touch on the key provided. You cannot browse on internet with this phone. The phone is designed to fulfill the major functions of calling and messaging efficiently. That’s not all you can also play games on this phone. So on the whole you can call, message, listen to your favorite song, click simple photos, play games on the boss champion pro with a onetime investment of just RS1000!

Spice Boss Champion Pro+ M-5010NDownload Spice Boss Champion Pro+ M-5010N PC Suite
Download Spice Boss Champion Pro+ M-5010N Drivers