Download FileIce Bypass Downloader Full

Tired of Surveys for downloading a small file? Of course you will be because that’s the most annoying thing today we come across while searching for any free software, Game Saves, etc. Unlike them we offer direct file download to all our users without a single piece of  those annoying surveys or registration.  One most popular website that offers surveys is the FileIce. To be frank, i too have tried downloading files for couple of times but have never finished these surveys ever, and hence never got a single file from such websites. But that got easier now. Here is the crack of those surveys. Using this small file named “FileIce Downloader” you can download any file without going to the surveys. Just out the file link and save the file on your desktop. No more Surveys. Just make sure you have MS .Net installed on your system. It is requirement to run this application.

There are also several website that offers this file “FileIce Downloader” but again they asked you to complete the survey to get this file also. If you dont believe, just give a try on web. Unlike them, you can get this file from this page without any surveys. Just enter the password given below and hit the download button. That’s it.

FileIce Downloader[wpdm_file id=319 template=”bluebox ” ]