Download Google Hangouts for PC

Just after the launch of Google Plus, Hangouts was launched by Google which is a messenger which supports chat and video calling. Since then Google kept re-inventing the application and today it has become a very useful messenger for most of the people. As it says “Bring your conversations to Life”, it is true because you remain online with your loved ones anywhere, anytime, on any device whether it is Android Smartphone or Tablet, iOS smartphone or Tablets or even on your windows, max or linux computers. Using Hangouts you can do Group conversation in text or video with photos and emoji. You can chat together upto 10 friends at the same time.

You can now download Google Hangouts for your PC from this page but it requires Chrome browser to be installed on your computer. While going video conversation in group you also add several visual and sound effects for making it more entertaining. You can also watch YouTube videos together, or capture the special family moment as an image meanwhile. There are much more to do with Hangouts. So, if you were looking for the same, download it right now for your Computer.

Google Hangouts for pcDownload Hangouts for PC