Download MiFlash 20150601 for Mi 4 Windows 10 Installation

Xiaomi MiFlash Tool

As we know Microsoft has officially rolled out a special Windows 10 ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4 (LTE), many users are willing to know how to install that ROM on their phone. But since it is not OTA, people has to flash Windows 10 manually and they think the process would be pretty difficult. Let me say, the process is super easy. You can run Windows 10 on Mi 4 (LTE) in couple of minutes without any problem.

Xiaomi has made it very easy by offering you Mi Flash tool (20150601). This is a Windows based software which once installed let you simply select the downloaded ROM package and do couple of ‘Next’, just like we do while installing any .exe applications on Windows. However, you can follow the detailed Guide here that shows installing Windows 10 on Xiaomi Mi 4.

Please note. For installing Windows on your Mi 4, only use this MiFlash Tool (download from below) because it is built for the same. Dont use the earlier version, it will not work.

Xiaomi MiFlash ToolDownload MiFlash for Windows 10