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Vivaldi browser Download

A new web browser for Desktop computers has been released today, called Vivaldi Browser. It is developed and designed by Co-founder of Opera Software, Jon von Tetzchner. Vivaldi was in public development for over a year and finally released for users.

Vivaldi Browser brings you several unique features making the browsing more comfortable and interesting. It uses uses Chromium, supports Chrome add-ons and the UI uses React and JavaScript, as well as Node.js. Talking about its features, there are so many to talk about. You can move the tabs bar, you can take notes instantly with pictures right in the browser itself, it understand text commands, it comes with Web Panels allowing you to do side-by-side browsing or social media, and lots more.

In Vivaldi browser, you can Drop a tab on top of another and save it as a stack or View stacked tabs in a grid or side-by-side. That’s not all. It also understands Mouse Gestures. You can perform every key browser action with mouse movements. You should watch this short introduction video of the browsing showing few of its key features.

One of the important points we look for in our web browsers are Customization capabilities that allow us to make it work as per our preference. Well, Vivaldi suites in this category best. Not only you can change colors or similar things, but also place the browser tabs up or bottom of the screen, change the address bar location and more.

Vivaldi is only available for Desktops as of now, and it can be used at Windows, Mac OS as well as Linux. You can download the browser for your operating system right away in just one click from this page. happy Browsing.

Vivaldi browser DownloadDownload Vivaldi Browser