Download OGWhatsApp – Multiple WhatsApp Messenger on single phone


As of now we can use only WhatsApp messenger on our smartphones no matter if it is Dual sim or Triple Sim phone. This is really a huge pain which led us to install an Android emulator on our Laptops or PCs to install another WhatsApp their. But it is now no more a pain. Now we can use atleast two WhatsApp messengers on our Smartphone itself for both SIM Cards which are running in our phone. Dont believe it? Check this step by step guide for the same. There is also a video tutorial showing how you can install and run both WhatsApp messengers on your phone. Now, we can use whatsapp for both sim cards installed in the dual sim phone. If you want to do the same, simply download the OGWhatsApp modded app by an XDA users from this page and follow that guide. Have Fun.

[Update] Since there’s been no more OGWhatsApp updates, many users are not able to use this app for installing Multiple WhatsApps on their phones. So, we found a new way for doing the same.

You can now use 3 WhatsApp numbers on Single Phone using WhatsFapp. Best part is that, you dont even need Dual SIM or Triple SIM phone. You can use all these WhatsApps on Single SIM phone itself. So, go ahead and Download WhatsFapp right now.

multiple whatsapp clientsDownload OGWhatsApp latest version (Updated on November 18) | Mirror (Updated March 2016)

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  1. You can now use 3 WhatsApp numbers on Single Phone using WhatsFapp. Best part is that, you dont even need Dual SIM or Triple SIM phone. You can use all these WhatsApps on Single SIM phone itself. So, go ahead and Download WhatsFapp right now from the link provided above.

  2. hello sir/mem
    I have download many Times OGwhatsapp but is not supported only one problem ur versions is old download new versions nd main problem is task killers so what is task killers…? so what is solution

    • Hello Rajesh, The developer of OGWhatsApp has stopped upgrading the app because of some claim from official whatsapp developers. So, OGWhatsApp no longer works for most of the new users.

      • Hello Zubair. This could be because the OGWhatsApp developers have stopped updating/working on the app. Probably no new users and few existing users can use this app anymore.

  3. Hii, I have latest version 2.11.432. But its not work now. And say thats version is old. So Pls update new version.

  4. OK Guys. Here is the most recent version of OGWhatsApp v2.11.432. We tested it on couple of Samsung Phones and this version is working fine. So, now you can download the same and start using Two WhatsApp on your Dual Sim Phone

  5. HI I clicked on the link below the pic,
    and it transfered me to an other page.
    On that other page I clicked the bottom download, but when I clicked on the file that it downloaded it says “unable to open ” I think that it might be because the file was app and I need apk? Were can I find the apk version?

    • Unfortunately, OG Whatsapp dont work any more. It has been discontinued from the developer itself. 🙁
      However, you can still download the file by clicking the link provided below image.

  6. Worked like a charm, have a Lenov S850 dual sim.
    Transfered my old nokia sim into this phone and also added a new one, both worked fine.
    As long as you follow the instructions.
    Thanks Chief! Well Done.

  7. Please help out, I have followed the due process, but i got to the point where i download the update and try to install it but it doesnt install. thats the only point stopping me from having the ogwhatsapp working

    Please i count on your help, my phone unrooted though


  8. This work for any phone, or just for Dual Sim.

    I have two numbers:

    Personal: No data plan, just text and calls.
    Work: Internet, calls and text.

    Can I use both numbers on the device with internet connection?

    • If you are having just a single sim, then you can simply use WhatsApp. And as two whatsapp cannot be installed on same phone, so you can use OGWhatsapp for second sim.
      Secondly, it is not compulsory that you must have internet connectivity on both numbers to work Whatsapp or OGWhatsapp. Just an internet connection is required on a phone, no matter from which sim.

    • Installed this OGWHATSAPP today (07/09/2014), however show this message, expired:

      “Esta Versão ficou Obsoleta em 25/11/2014. Toque em download para baixar a ultima versão. Baixe….”

      how fixed this? This app works untill 25/11/2014?[


  9. Please i need new version of GOwhatsapp? because i just bought new dual sim today, and old version is not working with this new phone. Thanks

  10. Hi,
    Everything went well. But after installation and startup it says OGWhatsApp is out of date. This version expired on 02.09.2014.
    Can you guide me to fix this.

  11. Hi,

    Will this only work for Android, or is there the same available for a dual sim Windows Phone? Or is anything available for Dual Sim Windows Phone,


  12. ts showing error message SMS VERIFICATION FAILED


  13. Hi maqbool
    actually i’m not able to download this application coz i can’t find the download button pls help me out

    • Download Button is provided just below the Image. You need to first enter password “TechDisc” and then hit download button to start downloading the file. Regards.

  14. I have spice mi 504 smart phone.i have been one problem by this phone that whenever I browsed net and minimised page to use other app and again browsed net then page got refresh each time .it is very hectic that each time I have to type same page address each please provide some solution.

    • Which page (address) opens when that page is refreshed ? Also, i would suggest you to post your queries at out forums to get better helps.

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