Alien Isolation Game Trainer

Alien: Isolation is the all new game launched yesterday on 7th October, 2014. It is the first person survival horror stealth game that is developed by The Creative Assembly and is published by Sega. Coming on to the plot of the game, this game is set at year 2137 which is the absolute event after the 15 years of Alien events took place. In the game you will find a girl Amanda who is investigating the plot of her mother who got disappeared. Then Amanda is being transferred to the space station named as Sevastopol so that she can find the flight recorder of Nostromo where the station is already been infested by the Alien.

Alien: Isolation is pretty good game and for that you can use this trainer to complete your game with more fun by having the right weapon. With this trainer download, you will get instant healing power with mega resources and unlimited flashlight. More features with this trainer you get super speed, unlimited rewire power, unlimited bullets so that you don’t ran out of ammo. You will also get the access to hack the doors with easy door hack. With this trainer, you will not will not get the shot by enemy and also they won’t be able to melee attack you. This trainer makes the game pretty fast to complete and you can enjoy the game instead of getting frustrated with repeating the level. Get it downloaded from the link given below.

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