Brave The Game Save Game

Brave is an quest game adaptation based on the film of the same name developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by Disney Interactive. The story of the game is same as that of the movie up until Elinor’s revolution into a bear and following escape from the citadel, which is where the game begins. The game play consists of single player and local co-operative play. The first player commands Merida while in co-op mode a second player can command of a will-o’-the-wisp. Game has also introduced with some puzzles, which are to be cleared with the help of the triplets, and Queen Elinor, who can play this game in her bear form in arena fights.

Different levels of the game can make use the place called “Ring of Stones”. Players can use diverse types of charms to add essential effects to her arrows and blade attacks when facing her enemies, some of which are susceptible to a certain part. Game is real fun to play so you should make a try with this game, also to play this game you will definitely need save game download file to resume your game if your mission fails. You can also save game if you are not able to resume game for long hours. To download save game file all you need is to click the link below and get your save game file in just a minute.

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