Castlevania Lords of Shadow PS3 Save Game


Earlier we posted save game for Castlevania Lords of Shadow PC version. If you are playing this game on PlayStation 3, we have saves for you as well. The file attached with this post is 100% completed save allowing you to move ahead if you are stuck somewhere in the game. For those who dont know Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is te third person shooter Action game taking us in the shoe of Gabriel Belmont whose wife was brutally murdered by the evil forces of darkness, the mysterious Lords of Shadow. We in the lead role has to battle with those superpowers and save the earth. Personally i loved playing the game because of its interesting gameplay and graphics. If you are playing it on your console and got stuck somewhere, dont worry, simply download the saves and copy it to your PS3 console and progress to next level.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow[wpdm_file id=292 template=”bluebox ” ]