Civilization 6: Rise and Fall Save Game Download

civilization 6 rise and fall

Civilization series created by legendary game designer Sid Meier and got many awards for the best PC game. Now a days Civilization has become a successful franchise which has sold in over 35 million unit worldwide. Civilization is a turn based strategically game which allows gamers to be the best king around the globe. Let us have a look on one type of strategy game in Civilization series called “Civilization VI rise and fall”. The story behind this game is based on a simple concept of the test of time.

Rise and fall game comes with new solutions, strategies, challenges and opportunities for players to lead social and cultural development for centuries. In Civilization VI rise and fall, gamers can become a leader for centuries. Users can inspire with the loyal people around the world. Two basic stages in this game are Golden Age and Dark Age. The gamers with successful leadership of civilization can enter into the Golden Age whereas the backlog gamers enter into the Dark Age. Actually Golden Age and Dark Age of this game correspond to the rise and fall concept. Gamers need to respond well to the challenges of the Dark Age so that the civilization will rise once again. Dark Age gamers need to plan accordingly with successful strategies for getting proper solution.

The main aim of this game is that gamers need to use own experience to do the experiment so that they will get their proper expectation in the rise and fall platform. With the new Governor system, players will able to customize their cities and can react the new challenges of Dark Ages. Players can find each governor has own promotion tree with different play styles. Civilization VI rise and fall introduces many new civilizations and leaders followed by the variety of new units, buildings, districts etc. for getting game inspiration for the players. An enhanced alliances system allows players to create different types of alliances and build bonuses in time. This game directly offers new ultimate ways to engage with the world which will create a positive impact on research in technology and culture to achieve victory in the game.

Let us have a look on save game file to play. There is a specific genuine save game file through which users can download this game easily. At the time of installation, gamers can get the location of the disk to install this game. Once the installation process completes, a shortcut will come on the desktop automatically. For better security purpose, gamers can copy the contents of the save folder in the folder with the game. Players can directly start the game from the shortcut appears on the desktop. Users can back up the original save file in other place so that in case anything goes wrong, users can again restore it. Minimum 13GB space needed for this ultimate game to play and save with DirectX compatible sound device.

civilization 6 rise and fall Save file