Combat Wings: The Great Battles Of WWII Save Game

Combat Wings is action oriented game developed by City interactive and this game is based on WWII, which is world war two and this game is really provides great combat experience. Game is based on air fighter planes engaged in WWII and trying their supremacy on others. When there was great battle which was firing up on the earth, same time above the earth was also engaged with lots of air fighting planes which proved to be more dangerous as compared to the battle which were carried out by military troops. Game play is really simple as you have to defend Great Britain from German Luftwaffe and all you have to resist them taking dominance on you. Player will be the part of Red Army and also you can be part of American air base pilot to take revenge with the Japanese air forces over Pacific Ocean. Game is featured with many different missions and you can choose from 25 air planes of British, American and also Russian. As the game process you can upgrade your airplanes and also you can evaluate your performance after each mission.

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