Cortex Command Save Game and Trainer

Cortex Command is a 2D side-scrolling action game developed by Data Realms. There is no crusade yet, so there is no main purpose the player works towards over the route of the game. Current mission holds tasks such as recovering a control chip in a cave packed with zombies to shielding the brain from harass. As the brain is weak, the player must control his resources carefully, defending the brain, mining gold and combating off enemies. The game comprises the skill for players to create mods which is additional changes in the game with the built in Lua programming applet, and simple scripting.

If you wish to download save game file for your game then you can just click to the link and get save game file for your download. Save game is really very essential for game to save the game and resume the game from the last saved game and make a backup of save game.

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