Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII Save Game and Trainer

Game is developed by Trickstar Games and the publisher of the game is Mad Catz. Game is action oriented and full battle games, as you have to take down the war which is occurred after the blast of Pearl Harbor incident. Basically this game is set on World War II. You are provided with 23 historic missions and other 100 objectives to be completed. You will face all types of battle like of dogfighting, torpedo and dive bombing, carrier takeoffs and landings. You will have to fight via air to air, air to ship, air to ground. You can enjoy your game from single-player mode to multiplayer challenges. In multiplayer mode you can just team up with the friends and can play the missions which were completed in single player mode.

In multiplayer mode you are provided with a new Scratch One Flattop which means you will be facing your friends and battle with them and win over their team. If you wish to download save game file for your game then you can just click to the link and get save game file for your download. Save game is really very essential for game to save the game and resume the game from the last saved game and make a backup of save game.

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