Dark Save Game and Trainer

Dark is the one of the most acclaimed stealth action video game by Realm forge Studios released on July 9, 2013. The player depicts the character named Eric featuring vampire skills, shadow leap; get invisible temporarily and a lot more features. Restore your health by drinking your enemies’ blood. The game moves around the story line where Eric who has just become a vampire comes to know that he has not completely transformed and can turn into a ghoul. However he even learns that he can avoid being a ghoul by drinking the blood of his enemies. The game has faced certain critics as well however it is slowly being acclaimed by many. As you play the game you would find that each time you use a skill your blood points get used up. To understand the terminology and have some fun its best to get some first hand experience in playing this game.

The Save game download would be very helpful for the dark game which is not the one that you would end up playing in a single day as a starter. so to get the save game file all you have to do is just click to the link below and get your save game file easily. It will allow you to start your game from the last saved point.

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