Download Batman: Arkham Knight PC 100% Save Game

Batman Arkham Knight Save File

Batman: Arkham Knight is the latest high end popular Video game developed by RockSteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. International Ltd. The game is finally released yesterday (23rd July 2015) across the globe for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. It was officially revealed last year. The Batman: Arkham Knight is an action-adventure game and is the next version of Arkham Origins which was released in 2013.

Moving forward to the story, you play the main protagonist Batman who has to face evil Scarecrow who is attacking and destroying the Gotham City. You have to save yourself from Scarecrow and other your other enemies who have allied with Scarecrow to kill you and protect the city as well. Talking about the gameplay the main focus is on Batman’s fighting, combat, spying skills along with detailed focus on gadgets as well. In the game, you are equipped with a variety of different gadgets which help you to explore the city and also no of weapons to assist when in your fights. In Arkham Knight you can use the Batmobile as a vehicle. Apart from some bugs, the game is outstanding.

Here we have something in interest of the Batman: Arkham Knight Gamers. Stuck at any mission or level and sick of trying again and again, wasting your time? Worry not, here we provide you the 100% Save Game file for PC version so can automatically move ahead without any more trouble. (Download Arkham Knights +9 Trainer)

Steps to do to:

  1. Download the Save Game files for Batman: Arkham Knight from our site
  2. Backup the original game files of Batman: Arkham Knight to be safe
  3. Extract the downloaded Save game file and paste it to the Save game directory ( thus replacing the original files by the downloaded one)
  4. Enjoy!!!!

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