Download Far Cry Primal 100% Save Game for PC

Far Cry Primal Saves

Far Cry Primal is as good as all the earlier episodes of this award-winning Far Cry franchise by Ubisoft. This time we are set back in 10,000 BC in the era of massive beasts and sabretooth tigers where Humans have no food chains. The only way is to hunt down the beast to get feed. We have to play as Takkar, the only survivor who will get to lead the tribe.

Earlier we posted +12 Trainer for Far Cry Primal and now here is the 100% completed Save Game file for the game. If you get stuck anywhere in the game, don’t worry and no need to waste any more time. Simply download the save file from this page in one click, extract it to the Save Game Directory and load. Always remember to backup your original save files somewhere safe, just in case, if anything goes wrong with the downloaded ones, atleast you will not loose your own progress.

Downloading Save games or any files across this site takes just one click. Just enter the password ‘TechDisc’ in the provided field below and click download to get the files on your desktop.

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