Download Need For Speed Rivals PC Save Game

Finally we are in the new Race with the release of Need for Speed ​​Rivals. It is the latest installment of one of the best Racing game series from Electronics Arts developed by Criterion Games for PC, PS3 as well as next generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One. We are now in the brand new ultimate rivalry between cops and racers on the new tracks and cities. You can enjoy the race alone in solo mode or online with your friends with several new features. In this new series you can play either the street racer or as a cop with new action packed driving. If you are already playing the game on your PC, i got something useful for you. Here is the 100% completed save file which will help you with all cars unlocked. It also has all cop’s tasks completed. If you want you can download the same from this page in just one single click. Have fun but remember to backup your original progress file before replacing the same with this for safer side.

Need for Speed Rivals save game[wpdm_file id=247 template=”bluebox ” ]