Download Wolf Among Us Episode 5 Save Game

Telltale Games finally brought us the 5th Episode of The Wolf Among Us. It is an Adventure PC, iPad, Mac and Xbox 360. We play the role of Bigby Wolf who has been shifted to the New York city. He is the one Big Bad Wolf. Story is made quite interesting as it follows the Wolf trying to fairy tale characters including Mr. Toad and the Three Little Pigs undetected in our world. If you were playing this game on your PC and got stuck somewhere, dont worry. Here is the complete 100% save game download for the same. Simply download it from this page, extract in a new folder and copy the files to your save location, which should be C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Telltale Games. If any problem, feel free to contact us using the contact box below.

The Wolf Among Us Episode 5 Cry Wolf Save Game[wpdm_file id=355 template=”bluebox ” ]