Ether Vapor Remaster Save Game and Trainer

Ether Vapor Remaster is a shooter game developed by Edelweiss Nyu Media Ltd and published by Capcom.  All expectation has been vanished for the country of Lydia in their combat against Caldea, which has a vast benefit in numbers and expertise. Into the middle of this war flies an unidentified pilot in a prototype fighter. You are playing a role of unknown pilot that helps out the nation of Lydia against Caldea. The later is technology wise more superior as Lydia and controls the country for eras. But now you can help smash that and release the people of Lydia. But for what reason you are helping them remains mysterious until the story opens out by playing the game.

Save game file is really very essential in this game as you will have to save game at every mission because if you fail the mission so you can start the game from last stopped or saved. Download the save game file from the link provided below.

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