Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition Save game

Fallout new vegas is action-oriented game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks Fallout new Vegas is based on post-apocalyptic environment. Player will be helping character named Courier who works for delivery service, Courier is sent to deliver a unknown package to the Strip but Courier is intercepted in between in some deserted area and is shot in the head. Courier is found by a robot and healed by Dr. Mitchell.

After healing Courier decides to take revenge with the man who shot him in the desert and games starts from here. While at journey of revenge, player will suffer with many surprises and factions and dying to get control over desert and that package. This game is not a sequel to its previous versions but has some mark of previous version of Fallout. Factions and other graphic enhancement introduced in this version are just remarkable and everyone will like the faction which is introduced in this game.

Here i am sharing a Save Game for PlayStation 3 version of the game that will help you out with several unlocked weapons, unlocked missions and much more.

Fallout New Vegas_Ultimate Edition[wpdm_file id=186 template=”bluebox ” ]