Far Cry 4 Mission 13 to Mission 16 Save Game

As we have got huge request for further mission’s save files, here are i am posting the same for Mission 13 to Mission 16 of Far Cry 4. As few of the gamers wont remember the mission by their names, these save files are for The Syringe, Speak No Evil, The Blood Ruby and The Mouth of Madness. All save files are provided separately for download below. Go ahead and Enjoy your game. No need to stuck anymore on the same mission.

Far Cry 4 Mission 13 to Mission 16 Save

Mission 13 The Syringe
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Mission 14 Speak No Evil
[wpdm_file id=420 template=”bluebox ” ]

Mission 15 The Blood Ruby
[wpdm_file id=421 template=”bluebox ” ]\

Mission 16 The Mouth of Madness
[wpdm_file id=422 template=”bluebox ” ]