Far Cry 4 Mission 22 to Mission 26 Save Game

Here i am posting Save Games for 5 missions of Far Cry 4, i.e. Mission 22 to 26 that includes missions named Advanced Chemistry, Shoot the Messenger, Kill Or Be Killed, Don’t Look Down and mission A Key to the North. All files can be downloaded individually below. However these are my own genuine save files, before putting these save files to your save directory, make sure you backup the original files, for safer side. In case anything goes wrong, you will have the your game progress safe. Enjoy the game 🙂

Far Cry 4 Mission 22 to Mission 26 SavesMission 22 Advanced Chemistry
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Mission 23 Shoot the Messenger
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Mission 24 Kill Or Be Killed
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Mission 25 Don’t Look Down
[wpdm_file id=431 template=”bluebox ” ]

Mission 26 A Key to the North
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