Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD Save Game and Trainer

From the developers and publisher Fishlabs there is another game named Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD. This game is totally 3D space trading and combat simulation and is real fun to play. Story line of Galaxy on Fire is set in a fictional galaxy ruled by four major groups (the revolutionary Terrans, the traditional Nivelians, the insolent Midorians and the aggressive Vossk) and hubs around Keith T. Maxwell, a former Wing Commander of the Terran Space Fleet, who now makes his credits as a gun-for-hire and ends up saving the universe from termination and obliteration more than once. Fans and media alike have often complimented the huge freedom of action. At any point all through the game, the player can deviate from the chief story and go on an escapade of his own.

While doing so, he can liberally choose whether he would like to earn his credits as a pirate hunter, weapons dealer, transporter, hit man, trader or smuggler and many other characters. Save game file can be easily downloaded from the link provided below, just click to the link and get your save game file in couple of minutes.

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